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Rubrique : mine (not for real)

Mine (not for real)


Birds on a bright red dress, retro-but-too-retro style shoes and fake cherries as real earrings.


Ok , I confess … this time I could  not resist and they will be packed in my holiday suitcase …. for real  !

Dress and shoes : Anthropologie – Earings : Les Fleurs.

Mine (not for real)


A flowery carpet, a gold thread around my finger, a brand new phone that looks like an old one, cute animals as hangers, a sofa as beautiful as a painting and a bucolic small frame, those are my wishes “du jour”…

Mine (not for real)…


Useful objects who make me smile each time I would need them : a camera dressed by Rob Ryan, pencils with moustache to make fun, des kittens to finally find wich key is the right one, a plate perfect for holidays pastries and spoons which will spice up a salad by themselves!

Mine (not for real)…



… a romantic chair and a not-too-shady sunshade
Have a nice week-end !

Mine (not for real)

I want to stop the clutter in my house but I don’t want to part with something I already have and I care for. Still it’s hard to resist to buy when I see something I love.
So I decided to open a new section with my shopping “not for real”. This will ease my desire (and even my purse), allow me to keep a mark somewhere (in case the desire comes back)…and who knows, this could inspire my husband who always complains about having no ideas when it comes to gift!

Today, just for fun, I buy myself  some household things:


A happy pillow for the couch, a record player (with a USB key for recording all the vinyl discs I’ve just got back), a funny bowl for fruits  and a hallstand which is just lovely without anything put on. That will be all for today!