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Petite cuisine


Weather is getting colder, so even shelves dress up !
I have decorated the shelves in the studio’s kitchen with those “garden kitchen style” new origami papers.


It is very easy to make, but, still,  here is some explanations here.


18 sheets. Size 12 x 12 cm. Shipping fee included.


Back to school


It’s D day ! Moms have bought new schoolbags, children have prepared their pencils and copybooks, and I have made colorful labels to stick on books:


6 self adhesive labels – Size 85 x 60 mm. Shipping fee included.

To cheer up those who’d rather be still in vacation, here is something to get ready for the next breaks …

Summer break is over…


Just like every other year, getting back to usual life makes one wish to prevent holidays from ending, but one must admit that, after all, it’s nice being back as well.
Reopening also stands for the promise of little self-indulgences : catching up with friends, getting back to one’s habits, finding nuts in the garden, and possibly unfold the surprise package I’ve carefully prepared at your intention.
Just so that it remains a surprise, I won’t elaborate too much. I just hope you like the Marouschkas and Marouschkos

Shipping fee included (for France only)


Marouschka’s family

Affiche Marouschkas

Marouschka’s family keeps growing up. Today, there are 8 new ones!
And because you asked for it, there are now also some Marouschko.

All will be on cards in September, but they are already gathered on a poster.

Format 32 x 45 cm. Papier 250 g. Frais de port inclus.

Kisses from Paris


In Paris during the summer, there is more tourists than Parisians, so even if you are not (yet) in holidays, you feel like you are.


You enjoy the sun at a table outside a café, you stay there to have diner, you take a few rides at the Tuileries fair, and you can also send postcards to friends who are away!



June is ending. So is Kristina’s internship. From now on, if you want to follow her, it happens here.
But before leaving, she gives us one last origami lesson to learn how to make funny berlingots. Don’t you think it would make perfect favors?


She used a new pattern range. Could you guess how I choose to call it ? Kristina of course !

18 sheets. Size 12 x 12 cm or 15 x 15 cm. Shipping fee included.

Floral lucky bag


They make themselves scarce, but I know you like them, so because Mother’s Day is coming, I worked hard and here they are, a brandnew production of lucky bags like from our childhood.
This time it’ s about a floral motif, inspired by a fabric I showed you the other day.
But I don’t tell you more, because otherwise it won’t be a surprise anymore!


Shipping fee included.

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