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Rubrique : nice surprises

It’s spring time !


Hi everyone ! Is anybody still there ? If you are, this is your lucky day : I have a free pattern for you. It feels like spring, don’t you think ?

Icone Too late 2018

(Français) Plouf !


Icone Too late 2017

(Français) Un cadeau, encore


Two free patterns in a row, who could have guessed ? This is exactly why I called my blog “Les Surprises” !

Icone Too late 2016

Free pattern


Today, I give you a free pattern… and free kisses !

Icone Too late 2016

It’s free


It’s been a while since the last free pattern
I hope you will enjoy the new one. Help yourself!

Icone Too late 2016

(Français) Paris

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.

Free pattern


Icone Too late 2015