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Kelly O Connor 1L

Kelly O Connor 2L

Kelly O Connor 4L

Kelly O Connor 3L

Collages by Kelly O’Connor.



I’m the kind of girl whose mood is directly dependent on sunlight … 
 So I went to get a little sun, down south, and here’s the poster that I brought back.
When summer finally arrives, I plan on making the most of it. Enjoy!

Enjoy L

 This is the first time I’ve made a poster as a sequel to the previous one. I like this duo …


Three new fabric designs

Tissu Cachette L

Tissu Cachette Zoom L

You may have already seen some of these here and there, because the new collection entitled “L’envolée” (“Soaring”) that I designed for Atelier Brunette already came out a few weeks ago… I was waiting to make something to present the fabric appropriately, but to be honest, I do not have much time to sew. So I’ll show you the fabric as I use it in real life: seamless! Here, for example, the fabric “Cachette” (“Stash”) is a makeshift tablecloth in the kitchen.

Tissu Hirondelles L

Tissu Hirondelles Zoom L

In the bedroom, the “Hirondelles” (“Swallows”) fabric is laid on the bed. I could have shown it as a sarong on the beach, or a curtain in the workshop (as I did here with the previous collection)…
But for fabric “Ciel bleu” (“Blue Sky”), I asked Emilie to make a cushion and she even took the initiative to make a tutorial, courageous girl!

Tissu Ciel Bleu L

Tissu Ciel bleu Zoom L

Ok, as soon as I have the time, I plan to try sewing together a strapless dress with “Swallows” fabric! And why don’t you show me what you can make with my designs?


100% cotton batiste – Width 140 cm – 80g/m2 density – Wash 30-40 ° – Sold by 0.50 meter.


Sonia Delaunay 1L

Sonia Delaunay 2L

These images by Sonia Delaunay were on my bedroom wall, as a teenager… 
 I’ve just learned that the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris will present the first major retrospective of this artist this winter. I can’t wait!



Painting and drawing by Ellsworth Kelly.

(Français) Surprises !


More than 6 months have gone by since the last Surprise Package… and you’ve made it clear to me that it’s been far too long!

However, I must be honest and tell you that they’ve been ready for quite some time, though. What has taken a while has been the photos. Not the pictures you see here, but the pictures I had in my mind, alongside the countless dreams of unfinished ideas… Sometimes I just have to remind myself that « Done is better than perfect»

So, I had to upload them for you, because it’s almost Mother’s Day, and you’ve waited long enough!



On sale in the shop – Price doesn’t include shipping (because it’s more simple if you’d like several, if you live outside France, or if you want something else in the shop).

Free pattern


This is the pattern of the day, it’s all yours. Help yourself !

Icone Too late 2014