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New York

Central park

Wrapped up in all the excitement of heading back to the city I love so much, I almost forgot to tell you about it! So, here I am, in New York… for a month! Yeah! That doesn’t mean that my work is on holiday: the future collection for Atelier Brunette has been approved, and my work for Atomic Soda is on its way.

Until I get back, Instagram is where you can find out what I’m up to. See you soon!


Capture d’écran 2014-07-09 à 14.48.46


Kelly O Connor 1L

Kelly O Connor 2L

Kelly O Connor 4L

Kelly O Connor 3L

Collages by Kelly O’Connor.



I’m the kind of girl whose mood is directly dependent on sunlight … 
 So I went to get a little sun, down south, and here’s the poster that I brought back.
When summer finally arrives, I plan on making the most of it. Enjoy!

Enjoy L

 This is the first time I’ve made a poster as a sequel to the previous one. I like this duo …


Three new fabric designs

Tissu Cachette L

Tissu Cachette Zoom L

You may have already seen some of these here and there, because the new collection entitled “L’envolée” (“Soaring”) that I designed for Atelier Brunette already came out a few weeks ago… I was waiting to make something to present the fabric appropriately, but to be honest, I do not have much time to sew. So I’ll show you the fabric as I use it in real life: seamless! Here, for example, the fabric “Cachette” (“Stash”) is a makeshift tablecloth in the kitchen.

Tissu Hirondelles L

Tissu Hirondelles Zoom L

In the bedroom, the “Hirondelles” (“Swallows”) fabric is laid on the bed. I could have shown it as a sarong on the beach, or a curtain in the workshop (as I did here with the previous collection)…
But for fabric “Ciel bleu” (“Blue Sky”), I asked Emilie to make a cushion and she even took the initiative to make a tutorial, courageous girl!

Tissu Ciel Bleu L

Tissu Ciel bleu Zoom L

Ok, as soon as I have the time, I plan to try sewing together a strapless dress with “Swallows” fabric! And why don’t you show me what you can make with my designs?


100% cotton batiste – Width 140 cm – 80g/m2 density – Wash 30-40 ° – Sold by 0.50 meter.


Sonia Delaunay 1L

Sonia Delaunay 2L

These images by Sonia Delaunay were on my bedroom wall, as a teenager… 
 I’ve just learned that the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris will present the first major retrospective of this artist this winter. I can’t wait!



Painting and drawing by Ellsworth Kelly.

(Français) Surprises !


More than 6 months have gone by since the last Surprise Package… and you’ve made it clear to me that it’s been far too long!

However, I must be honest and tell you that they’ve been ready for quite some time, though. What has taken a while has been the photos. Not the pictures you see here, but the pictures I had in my mind, alongside the countless dreams of unfinished ideas… Sometimes I just have to remind myself that « Done is better than perfect»

So, I had to upload them for you, because it’s almost Mother’s Day, and you’ve waited long enough!



On sale in the shop – Price doesn’t include shipping (because it’s more simple if you’d like several, if you live outside France, or if you want something else in the shop).