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Free pattern


This is the pattern of the day, it’s all yours. Help yourself !

Icone Too late 2014

Kourtney Roy

Kourtney Roy 3

Kourtney Roy 1

Kourtney Roy 4

Kourtney Roy 2

Kourtney Roy does quite a lot of work for fashion and advertising, but what I like best about his work are his self-portraits with staged scenes combining the familiar and the mysterious. The best definition I’ve read of his work is that they are films consisting of a single frame. Exactly what I like most in photography.

Her series « Ils pensent déjà que je suis folle » is currently being shown at BAL, and ends Sunday evening. If I were you, I would go and see it!

New poster

Girls Fun

Not a bad plan for the upcoming summer, don’t you think?




Titlee‘s jewelery, textiles by Atelier Brunette and paper designs by Fifi Mandirac will be sharing a space for two days, at exceptionally reasonable prices… Save the date!

It’s beautiful


I’d love to be invited to a party like this!

Photo by Slim Aarons.


Instagram 5

Instagram 6

… from my Instagram account. Taking a break in Marseille. The more I know the city, the more it surprises me. The more I am in love.

It’s beautiful


Photo by Sebanado.