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Work in progress



I’ve been focused on a particular project over the last few weeks… Built from the bottom up, just what I prefer! As all of the exciting projects I’ve embarked on, I must fight the temptation to tell you more before it’s time, but here are two pictures (from my Instagram page) taken during the photo shoot, to give you a taste of what I’ve been working on.

PS: The iPhone cases are back in stock, and Emilie has also made the suitcases available on-line.

It’s beautiful

Francoise Gilot par Picasso

Françoise Gilot by Pablo Picasso (1946).



Yesterday afternoon, a big box arrived, which I cheerfully opened as if it were a Christmas gift! Though I knew what was inside, it was a pleasure to discover the first products published by Atomic Soda.

Atomic Soda is a publishing house whose catalogue I absolutely love, and I’m very proud to be a part of it myself. Our first collaboration was presented at the last ‘Maison & Objet’ expo in January, and you’ll find them available in shops soon (the cases for iPhone 4 and 4S are already online here).

This is only the beginning of this exciting collaboration, and there are plenty of other nice things to come! You’ll see!

Cahiers Atomic Soda SS14L

Set de valisettesL

Free pattern


It’s March and I’m in the final stages of several projects, the atelier is buzzing, and my head as well. I noticed that this pattern hasn’t been presented as of yet, so today seemed like the perfect day to set things straight!

Icone Too late 2014


I’ve just realized that I hadn’t yet mentioned an exhibition that I really enjoyed: Happy Show. I’d heard a lot about it from different people but, in the end, it didn’t actually resemble any of the descriptions I’d been told of. So, I’m not going to give away any details about it, but I can say that this exhibition is rather aptly named. Take my word for it: go soon! (It ends next Sunday), you will not regret it!

Happy show L

Exhibition Happy show by Stefan Sagmeister at the Gaité lyrique– Until 9th March 2014 – 3 bis rue Papin 75003 Paris

It’s beautiful

Jupon Tour Eiffel ©Vanessa Pouzet

I simply adore the skirt that talented Vanessa Pouzet made with my textile pattern “Vu sur la tour Eiffel” (“View of the Eiffel Tower”)!

With all my heart

Coeur Février 2014

I had nothing special planned for Valentine’s Day (I don’t know why, but this holiday doesn’t usually mean much to me)… But I was so touched by all your messages and emails since the “Les Journaliers” interview that I wanted to say Thank You with all of my heart. So, I improvised this card for all of you, in return for the kind words! Send it to your loved ones today, or anytime at all…

Les Journaliers

Atelier Fifi Mandirac

Les Journaliers” website is officially launched, as of today. I’d been looking for just the right words to present this project, but I don’t think I could describe it any better than they do:

“Les Journaliers” are interested in the way artists and designers work, from day to day… their doubts, the process, their inspiration. Writing, creating illustrations, taking photos, composing… Above and beyond inspiration, bringing creative projects to their final stages often requires isolation, perseverance and discipline. ‘Les Journaliers’ highlight the everyday aspects of this creative process as well as the professional dimension of these activities, aspects which we don’t hear about often enough. To take inspiration from others daily habits, selecting ideas and methods that speak to us, is to find the energy and motivation to keep doing what we do every day. To learn about how reputable professionals got where they are is to realize that there are as many artistic paths as there are individuals… and this may help us accept the fact that our own paths are often crooked, full of detours and dead-ends”.

Here it is…

I’m mentioning it here because I find the idea really good… though I’m forced to admit I’m proud to be part of this project myself, as ‘Les Journaliers’ chose me as one of their first ‘subjects’. We spent some time together in my workshop and the girls (Yes, ‘Les Journaliers’ are all girls) asked me a great number of questions, some of which I’d never even asked myself. The words and images are available in this interview, after which I will have (practically) no more secrets left for you.

Photo © Rodolphe Bricard for Les Journaliers.