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Another free pattern


Yes, I know, pattern after pattern…  Well, the name of this blog is “Les Surprises” after all. I made this one last night, and I thought it would be a pity to keep it to myself. This one is definitely open to a number of colour variations, so you just might see it again in the near future… Have a great week!

Icone Trop tard 2014

Free pattern


The first one this year!
It’s been ready for quite a while, but the time’s passed so quickly…
February is such a short month, and I still have much left to do…

Icone Too late 2014

It’s beautiful


As a young girl, I collected stamps… The tradition continues here

Bulgarian stamps from 1971.



As I’ve been working quite a lot for others lately, I almost forget to take time for my own projects… Everyone asks me to do “Fifi-style” designs, so I wanted to try something else. Yesterday, I made something completely abstract, the kind of thing that people don’t generally ask me for. This poster is the first outing in a new direction, a more purely graphic aesthetic that I’d like to explore …What do you think?


Carte Vallotton

On a totally different note (though I’m sure that the harmony of the green, black and red colours on the poster above have some sort of connection to this…) I decided to adopt one of my good resolutions: Monday I left the atelier and went to see the Félix Vallotton exhibition at the Grand Palais. I had a few faint memories of his work, dating back to my Art History classes, which is why the visual impact was even more astounding. Don’t hesitate! There’s nothing better than experiencing paintings up-close and direct (not only Vallotton’s work, for that matter)…

(Français) C’est beau

Hongjwi 1

Hongjwi 6

Hongjwi 4

Hongjwi 3

Hongjwi 8

Hongjwi 10

Hongjwi 11

Hongjwi 7

Hongjwi 2

Susie received this book for Christmas. Every time I pick it up, I discover new details that catch my eye…I’m already thinking of buying a second copy to frame the pages!

“Kongjwi, l’autre Cendrillon” by Lim Yeong-hee, illustrated by Marie Caillou. Editions Père Castor.
Remember to get it at one your local booksellers, rather than here

(Français) Voeux doux

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

It’s beautiful


From Still, a beautiful blog by Mary Jo Hoffman.