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New kitchen

Cuisine Atelier Fifi Après

Remember my urge to change ? It struck again… This time it hit the studio’s kitchen! This (small) kitchen was arrange a little bit too quickly when we moved in 7 years ago (there was so muuuuch to do in the whole house…). But last week-end, it became painfully obvious, it can not stay like this anymore, I had to do something!

As I wanted to have finished by Monday, I did not start in heavy work.

Détails Cuisine Atelier Fifi

Cuisine Atelier Fifi Verres

Zoom Cuisine Atelier Fifi

I am pretty happy with the result, considering how easy it was to do it. Problem is, now I want to change everything else in the studio. If it pleases you to talk a little more about interior deco here, I’ll show you …

Want to see what it looked like before ? Read after the jump.

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It’s fun


Beatles before crossing Abbey Road!

Photo by Linda McCartney (8th August 1969).

By the way…


I knew it would be hard to choose only 3 winners for my book. So I did it very quickly, like if I was ripping off a band-aid. And (totally subjectively) I choose :

Fanette who sent me a very cute video.
Stéphanie who remind me that I had to make a backup of my photos.
Yamini who promised me she will thank her mum.

Photos from my Instagram.

May I ?


In french, we have this commun saying which says “En mai, fais ce qu’il te plait” which means “In May do what you please”.
Today, what pleases me is to offer you this new pattern. In 3 colors, because it does not please me to choose!



Download Enveloppe griseDownload Enveloppe bleueDownload Enveloppe violetteIcone Sorry Seule

Cartes, faire-part et billets doux

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Spring cleaning


Each year at spring time, I have an urge for change. This year it had to be on my blog!
I have put everything out, sorted, made a total mess (sorry about the chaos you may have experienced in recent days here …) and I put things back in place, but not exactly as it was before, and… now my blog feels like a new place!
At first, like with every change, it feels a little bit weird, but you’ll see, it’s for the best.

(Français) Portrait

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