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(Français) Je vous aime…

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It’s fun


Shevonne Bliss for Lazy Oaf.

It’s beautiful


On en parlait l’autre jour pendant le déjeuner à l’atelier : il parait que c’était bien quand je faisais des billets sur des choses ou des gens que j’aimais bien. Alors, je vais recommencer.

Je vais donc ouvrir 2 nouvelles rubriques sans paroles, qui vont s’appeler “C’est beau” pour vous montrer des choses que je trouve belles, et “C’est drôle” pour vous montrer des choses que je trouve drôles ! Jusque-là, c’est simple, non ?

Sauf qu’aujourd’hui, cette image de Virgin Honey, je la trouve belle ET drôle !

A gift for you


This pattern has been created for an abandoned project. These things happen sometimes… But it’s great news for you because it will be your ‘back to school’ present !

I thought it could be a good thing to give you patterns for no reason. Kind of like the surprises you like so much…
Download it and use it right now (for a book or diary cover for example). You can also put is aside to use it later. Because someday soon, just like summer, it won’t be there anymore…


I wish…


“I wish I had more times than ideas…”
I say this sentence to myself so many times a day, it was written that it would end up as a poster !


Summer #15


Photo from Brault-Mandirac family.

This is the last photo of this summer serie. I hope you have enjoyed !
I will get back to work this monday.

Summer #14


Photo by unknown artist.