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Le Super Market


It will take place the 29th and 30th of May, it’s the Super Market ! An idea that first came a year ago, when having lunch with a super girl in my garden …


Many things happen since then ! We are now 6 super girls, we found a great spot, Mili did a beautiful graphic guidelines, and the stalls have been full for a while now. But we keep on working on this Super Market, so it will be a great party. I will talk about it again very soon ..

Meanwhile, in order to discover who will be there, you can read here the first answers to some useful and mainly superficials questions ! Guess who open the ball?

Eye candy




I had a crush this morning when I discover Fukuda Kan‘s paintings, light and refreshing as a spring breeze. A real “Eye Candy” !
I know I will never be able to do as beautiful as her, and that I’ll never find the time either anyway, but they arouse my desire to paint. Perhaps, one day, I will take out my paint and brushes …


Via Sweet Sweet Life.

April fool’s day


The tradition got lost in favor of the practical jokes, but a century ago, the 1st of April was an opportunity to wish many good things, as you may do for new year… So best wishes !!!

Postcard from this album.



These new buttons, as colorful as candies, inspired me for a “lollipop like” packaging!
And just like candies, it’s better when you get too…


2 lollipop buttons – Diameter 3,2 cm – Shipping fee included.

At last!


I cannot believe how long this winter was!
I have never been so eager to see the first sunny days of spring arrive…
Still, now it’s the end of the spring that I’m waiting for, because if everything is going well, along with the first summer days … a baby will should arrive !

So, to celebrate both good news, here is a new desktop wallpaper!

(For large and normal screens)



If you’re a graphic designer, if you like patterns or if once in a while you visit the “Les blogs que je lis” section, you certainly know Print & Pattern, Bowie Style’s famous blog. As you may guess from its name, it’s all about prints… and… patterns, my favorites!!!

I am very proud to have been already mentioned several times. And even more proud when she asked me if I would accept to be presented with other designers in her coming book.


It was almost 2 years ago (such a project takes time!) and this morning I had the good surprise to see that the book had become real. With 2 double pages dedicated to my work ! Proud as a peacock, I’m telling you!

“Print & Pattern” by Bowie Style published by Laurence King.
Disponible en bookstores or

(Français) Papillonnage


If this drawing reminds you of my studio, it’s just normal. It was made by someone who knows it pretty well because she’s been working there for more than a year and a half. We call her “The butterfly”.

The butterfly is a little bit shy, a little bit unsecure though she has a very accurate eye, a nice naive stroke  and she writes very poetic words.
I must confess that it took me a little bit of persuasion to make the butterfly revealing herself…
Go and flip trhough her notebook, it’s just a couple of flutters away…