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Tea break


A tea break, just to enjoy this lovely idea I wish I had…
But it is from Nathalia Ponomareva who imagine a T pod that would became a bird while brewing. So clever.

Via Fubiz


Sans titre - 25

Time has come to launched the next novelty production. This will be a memory game with my sweet little Marouschkas!

I dreamt it with nice thick cards in a colorful box. Easy and pretty to tidy up!
I know from my own experience that it’s a game that lasts. You can have fun whether you’re old or young. I’ve already played many times with Susie (not yet 3 years old…) and it’s not always the one you would think who wins…

But why I am telling you that when it will only be available in december ? So the eager ones to have it can get it for a lower price. The 30th of november the price will be up to 17 euros…

Box with 40 cardboards size 44x44mm.
Delivery in the first days of december 2009 at the latest

Russian doll


A little Rosalie was born a few days ago…
Her parents commissioned me for a birth annoucement that will refer to their slav origins..
Here is the result. I like it so much that I am thinking of including it in the collection. What do you think ?

Jim Denevan




This man makes freehand drawings in sand. With a stick as a pencil, he draws and walks for miles. He must be crazy because when tide is coming in, everything will vanish.

It remains pictures for us to dream and think that is what art is all about : being crazy…


I just come back from a short break. There, I had the chance to visit a place which I wanted to visit for a very long time. I walked on this fabulous floors :



I will send a little surprise to the first one who will guess where I found those nice patterns… Any idea ?

Elodie had the correct answer : it takes place in Pompeii in the Villa of Mysteries. But it would be nice also in a modern home, don’t you think ?

As good as it looks





Grocery shopping is much more fun when supplies are so pretty…
Here is some treasures that I brought back from my day trip to London with Emilie.

Why are the English so good at packaging ?

Products purchased at Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, and Fortnum and Mason.

Petite cuisine


Weather is getting colder, so even shelves dress up !
I have decorated the shelves in the studio’s kitchen with those “garden kitchen style” new origami papers.


It is very easy to make, but, still,  here is some explanations here.


18 sheets. Size 12 x 12 cm. Shipping fee included.