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Shadow land


We’ve all had fun making shadow puppets with our hands in front of the light to draw a rabbit or a bird, right ? (If not try, it’s so easy!)

Shadow puppets may be as old as the hills, it still remains fascinating. So when it’s done by Pilobolus‘ danse company, it’s just hypnotizing.

While waiting for the occasion to see them “for real”,  have a look here.

Les minots


I’ve always loved children’s books. When I was a child of course, but even now that I’m not a child anymore.
I spend lots of time in the librairies youth bookcases. I try to convaince me that it’s for my daugther, but only a fool would believe that…

Therefore I am a huge fan of Les Minots bookstore ! I was thrilled when they asked me to install a temporary window (it will be removed on October the 15th). Here is a picture to catch a glimpse:


Taking such a picture is not the easiest thing!
So you’d better go to Les minots. Linda or Virginie will be happy to advise you on many great books, and if you come on Wednesday, you’ll see me running a workgroup for kids (beginning at age 5). We will make colorful garlands!

Librairie Les minots
161, rue du Château Paris 14ème

The workgroup will take place on Wednesday,  September the 16th, starting at 3.30 pm and will last about 1 hour.
To register call directly on 01 43 20 95 85
Contribution fee 12 euros



Happy mood begins in front of the closet!

Back to school


It’s D day ! Moms have bought new schoolbags, children have prepared their pencils and copybooks, and I have made colorful labels to stick on books:


6 self adhesive labels – Size 85 x 60 mm. Shipping fee included.

To cheer up those who’d rather be still in vacation, here is something to get ready for the next breaks …

“Beau” tie


It’s a great classic, but I am still crazy about what a little “bow tie” can do to the simple outfit. However, I don’t want to be too dressy. So my little bow ties are made of paper.


I wear them on a necklace and on my shoes…
What will you do with them ?

Summer break is over…


Just like every other year, getting back to usual life makes one wish to prevent holidays from ending, but one must admit that, after all, it’s nice being back as well.
Reopening also stands for the promise of little self-indulgences : catching up with friends, getting back to one’s habits, finding nuts in the garden, and possibly unfold the surprise package I’ve carefully prepared at your intention.
Just so that it remains a surprise, I won’t elaborate too much. I just hope you like the Marouschkas and Marouschkos

Shipping fee included (for France only)




It’s still the summer, but it’s already time to get back to work ..

And I might have a lot to do when I see all the things you’d like from me.
Thank you for all those wonderful ideas!

As I promised, I randomly picked the author of one of the comments. It’s Toute petite (who wears the number 6) who will received the book Carnets de Parisienne.

To the others, I give this little lucky charm ladybird that was passing by in my garden this morning.