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Origami garland


For her new origami lesson, Kristina has prepared little paper balloons. The funny part is at the end, when you blow, and the balloon appears like a surprise!


We threaded them like pearls on a necklace and this makes lovely garlands which I like to hang everywhere.


We used a new pattern. It’s called Juliette and there are 3 sheets of each of the 6 colors in every package. It comes in 2 sizes because it’s nicer to vary the balloons for the garland.


18 sheets. Size 12 x 12 cm or 15 x 15 cm. Shipping fee included.

Flower power


There’s another little contest right here at ID Créatives which is under my patronage because it’s about… flowers, of course!


While we’re at flowers, I recently got hold of these two fabrics I found on an American thrift store. They smell like summer, don’t you think so?

Go to Belleville

This weekend, it’s open house in the artists’ studios in Belleville.


Anyplace in streets, courts and backyards, more than 200 artists welcome you with open arms.
This is the right time for a nice walk in the heart of this Parisian quarter which is so full of surprises…



The paintings above are by Philippe Barnier. An artist I like a lot, and not only because he’s my cousin!

D Day


Brand-new and pretty nice, my book shows up today!

Available at well-assorted bookstores and right here:






Photos from the book : Claire Curt



This morning, in my mailbox I found  one issue of Lee . It’s a Japanese magazine which did a photo shoot at my home in the end of winter.


I always smile when I see my home on pictures, but in a Japanese magazine on a subject about Parisian interiors in Scandinavian style, it’s really funny, don’t you think?

Who wants it ?


My book will be available by May 14th. That means in only  3 days and even be sold right here…
I also have a little surprise for you: 3 books to win.

How to do? Just send a card or drop a line to the studio!
I will send one copy (signed if you insist!) to the 3 authors of the letters which surprised me the most.

So let’s go!
Results on May 25th…

Fifi Mandirac – 4, sentier Joseph Baum – 93200 Saint Denis –  FRANCE

You’ve got mail !


Sadly, in the age of mail and text message, we lost a little bit interest in sending letters.  But it’s always a pleasure to receive some, isn’t it?


No more lame excuses like “How silly, I need envelopes…” or “Too bad, but I don’t have any card!” Because Kristina has the answer: with a simple sheet of A4 paper, she makes an envelope/letter. It’s her new origami lesson right here.

So let’s write, OK?