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You’ve got mail !


Sadly, in the age of mail and text message, we lost a little bit interest in sending letters.  But it’s always a pleasure to receive some, isn’t it?


No more lame excuses like “How silly, I need envelopes…” or “Too bad, but I don’t have any card!” Because Kristina has the answer: with a simple sheet of A4 paper, she makes an envelope/letter. It’s her new origami lesson right here.

So let’s write, OK?



Today it’s Coloring Day! A happy coincidence that it’s Wednesday.

The trademark Staedler is the initiator of this simple idea: children help other children by offering their drawings for the benefit of Save the Children.
If you want to know more about it, click here.

On this occasion I remind you of the Kid’s drawing group set up by my friend.
You won’t get tired of  these refreshing, courageous and unique drawings.

I feel sad having lost all my drawings at a flood. Here’s the only one that remains from my childhood:


Scary, isn’t it?

Top : drawing by Susie, 2 years old.




Finally I didn’t spent a lazy day…
I painted the wall of the garden. All in red.
I am so happy with the result that I don’t resist the urge to show it to you!

In May, do whatever you want


This is a gift certificate for a lazy day…

In France, we are lucky to have a lot of bank holidays in May!



Here it is, I just received the first copy of the small book that I made for Le Temps Apprivoisé publishers ! It is part of a collection entitled “Mes petits bonheurs”. Nice program, isn’t it ?

I talked a little bit about it there, but it had to remain a secret. Now I am allowed to speak about it and to show you the cover.
Such a projectIt is new for me, and I feel very lucky because Valérie Gendreau trusted me to do both the creations and the layout. I am also very happy that Claire Curt was the one who made the pictures. The result is as beautiful as the moment we spent together !

The official release is May 14th. Now I have a kind of stage fright… Hope you will enjoy it !

Tulip’s party


As every year in the same season, they will celebrate the Tulips Festival in the beautiful park next to my home.


For the last few weeks, I’ve been watching the bloom which will be just in time for the big day. But for some time, tulips also have invaded the studio. It is Kristina who prepared her new origami’s lesson!


We went to plant them in the park so that they can party too! I hope it will be sunny…

Where have you been?





It’s true, I feel like moving around these days…