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Questions/answers (part 2)

Because there is still a bunch of question, today we will focus on issues about carreer and inspirations. I feel a little weird talking about me in such a way, but it’s my fault : I should not have bring this  “FAQ” thing in the first place…


Today inspiring books on my desk…

– I would like to know what you wanted to become “when you are a grown-up” when you were a little girl?
Actually, when I was young, I had fun decorating my cabin in the garden, my room, wearing fancy dresses, drawing and creating small books, diaries and cards. So I was not really hurry to grow up because I thought I won’t be able to do that anymore. If only I had known !

– Do you have a background in graphic design? Are you a self-taught or passionate?
Yes, I studied graphic design. Starting with the famous school Met de Penninghem. Surprisingly, I was pretty good the first year. So, I worked a little less during the first semester, and at the end of the year I missed 0.01 points (!!!) to enter the upper level! At first I thought it was bad luck, but when I entered the école d’Art Maryse Eloy I realised it was actually good luck. This school was much more fulfilling for me, more human and less “academic.” Our teachers were really great and accessible, they taught me a lot. And I was lucky to have someone I really admired for a long time, as a teacher.
And that’s how after 5 years of studying, I got my “Diplôme Supérieur d’Arts Graphique” … So you see, I am not a self-taught, but I am really passionate!

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(Français) Merci Marie Claire !

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(Français) Questions/réponses (1ère partie)

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(Français) Première surprise !

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Happy new year!

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I wish you a…


… and I THANK YOU for counting down with my patterns.
I think I am going to have a break, but not too long, since I have new surprises planned for next year. I hope you will still be there!

Did I forgot something ? Oh yes ! I have a Christmas present for you, just here