Rubrique : just like that

Thank you…


Tamara lives in Holland, I live in France. She is a nanny. We don’t speak the same language.

Actually, Tamara and I don’t even know each other.

But I would like to say thank you !

Thank you, because last week, I was feeling a little bit sad, leaving my baby Charlie for his first whole day with his nanny, when I found a pretty enveloppe on my desk.

Surprise inside! There was a necklace with pearls like candies. And also a little note saying how much she loves my blog and my work. Saying thank you just for the pleasure of it. I was moved.

At this exact instant, I knew that I was happy with getting back to work…

So, Tamara, this is now my turn to say thank you, with all my heart!



Surprise! Today, a little kitten knocked at our door. He seems to have just the same age as Charlie. And just like him, he’s so sweet and cute, that it’s hard not to have a crush.
Le papillon couldn’t resist!

And now, she has to find his name… Any ideas ?

Where I am ?


Sous le soleil exactement !
Pas à côté, pas n’importe où.
Sous le soleil, sous le soleil.
Exactement, juste en dessous…

Under the sun precisely!
Not aside, not anywhere.
Under the sun, under the sun.
Precisely, just below ..

But I’ll be back very (too) soon : the 30th of August !

The summer game

Where is Charlie?


Hi, hi, hi, it makes me laugh!!!

(PS : Charlie is the french name for Waldo…)

Mine (not for real)


Birds on a bright red dress, retro-but-too-retro style shoes and fake cherries as real earrings.


Ok , I confess … this time I could  not resist and they will be packed in my holiday suitcase …. for real  !

Dress and shoes : Anthropologie – Earings : Les Fleurs.



Here is Charlie !
Thanks for all your lovely notes ! It is such a wonderful life…

Beautiful day


He was waiting for the sun. Charlie arrived  on the 24th of June at 12:28 pm.
Today, we came back home. This is the beginning of a new life !