Rubrique : just like that




Finally I didn’t spent a lazy day…
I painted the wall of the garden. All in red.
I am so happy with the result that I don’t resist the urge to show it to you!

In May, do whatever you want


This is a gift certificate for a lazy day…

In France, we are lucky to have a lot of bank holidays in May!

Where have you been?





It’s true, I feel like moving around these days…

One of a kind

A Mom who thinks that pandas are cute, who has asian origins and a baby born hairier than expected,  and here is a  birth announcement for brand new Léopold…


It all started eight years ago, with a desire to announce good news!
Since then I’ve always had a lot of fun creating custom-made announcements.
Still, it is not always easy to create one that will fit unknown people.
But that’s where all the fun is! Because I have to ask lot of questions, because I get many answers, because we get to discuss about many issues, and at the end it also occured that we became friends!


For this one it was much easier, I knew the client well because it was… my mom!

You look nice…




Hey! Hey! It always makes me laugh…

It’s Sunday!


Happy Easter!

Enfin !


L’hiver est fini. Chaque année c’est pareil, j’attend cette date avec impatience. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, puisque je sais très bien que ce n’est qu’une date et que tout ne va pas changer du jour au lendemain.

C’est peut-être parce que je suis née avec le printemps, en tout cas pour moi, l’année commence là, en même temps que les promesses de beau temps…

Vive le printemps !