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(Français) Vitamine C

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(Français) Mes cahiers

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Come in, it’s open!


I was talking about it for such a long time, that nobody thought it will ever happen, me first. I wanted everything to be perfect, and complete, but someday I had to move in, even if paints are not dry, even if some rooms are still empty.
Today, I am happy to welcome you on my new website with its online shop. Come in, it’s open!

To celebrate, all summer, a gift will be added to each order of more than 50 euros (excluding shipping) placed on the website. This week, it will be a Memory game. And if the order is less important, do not worry, you will still have a little surprise, you have my word!



I have these posters on my wall for quite a long time now. I still love them because each one speaks to me one day or another, depending on my mood.
I was often asked if they are on sale. Now, they are!

Be sure to specify the model chosen in the “Instructions for the seller.” 
Format 32 x 45 cm. Paper 250 g. Shipping included.

Poisson Bulle

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(Français) Les “motififis”

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Small boxes


Don’t you think that putting things into small boxes makes them more precious?


These ones are made with my new papers, thanks to a new origami lesson from Kristina whom I guess you remember…


Here is the tuto, and papers are right here:


18 sheets. Size 12 x 12 cm or 15 x 15 cm. Shipping fee included.