Rubrique : my work

See you…


You can’t wait ? Me neither, hi hi hi !

More clues…

… to help guess what Olivia Toja and Fifi have done !


First clues

Have you guessed what Olivia Toja and Fifi did ?


More clues are coming very soon…



Some clues are coming soon… and the answer will be released on thursday!

(Français) Faire part


Charlie is 2 months old, and this is only now that I find some time to do his birth announcements!


Like for Susie’s one, I wanted something different. So, I did not use paper but fabric to tell everybody the great news (that everybody knows already) !

Work in progress…


Currently, I am very busy on a new project. It’s to soon to tell you more, but I am so excited that I can’t wait ! So, while waiting,  here are some scraps…

Russian doll


A little Rosalie was born a few days ago…
Her parents commissioned me for a birth annoucement that will refer to their slav origins..
Here is the result. I like it so much that I am thinking of including it in the collection. What do you think ?