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It’s raining


It’s keeps raining. For so long, that I thought I’d rather have a positive attitude and take this as an opportunity to be inspired.


And now, what shall I do with all those rain drops ? Cards, notebooks, fabric ?

Drum roll!

I am proud to present our (Olivia and me) new baby!


Today is launched “L’album des trésors de bébé”. A project I was eager to talk about last winter…
Now, I am happy I can tell you and show you more!

This is a book to help you keeping your baby’s early years memories. Because it goes so fast! And also because it is so sweet to thinking it back!



In addition to the book you will have to fill (with text and many photos), there are small pockets and drawers for everything that does not fit in a book (the tag from the hospital, a pair of tiny booties, the first baby tooth …). There is also a measuring stick which is nice not to forget how quickly a baby grows.


From start to end, this project was happiness thanks to Olivia Toja who wrote texts and Aurélie from Editions First who orchestrated everything.

It was moving to do it thinking about the baby who was growing up in my belly in the same time… I started to fill it for him and I hope he’ll be happy to rediscover it when it will be his time to become a father, like I was when my mother gave me the one she did, as I was about to became a new mom …

Pictures from Claire Curt. (Thanks Claire !)

See you…


You can’t wait ? Me neither, hi hi hi !

More clues…

… to help guess what Olivia Toja and Fifi have done !


First clues

Have you guessed what Olivia Toja and Fifi did ?


More clues are coming very soon…



Some clues are coming soon… and the answer will be released on thursday!

(Français) Faire part


Charlie is 2 months old, and this is only now that I find some time to do his birth announcements!


Like for Susie’s one, I wanted something different. So, I did not use paper but fabric to tell everybody the great news (that everybody knows already) !