Rubrique : surprises to see



My last holidays seem to be pretty far away today, with so many great projects on their way, and despite being tired, none are planed yet…



So I am staying in Paris, and I am traveling throught those beautiful posters from  The Heads of State and Bianca Gomez. They are from our days, but they remind me the posters from the old days, like the ones of Air France that were in my grand-father’s study …



What about you? What is your dream destination?

Le Super Market


It will take place the 29th and 30th of May, it’s the Super Market ! An idea that first came a year ago, when having lunch with a super girl in my garden …


Many things happen since then ! We are now 6 super girls, we found a great spot, Mili did a beautiful graphic guidelines, and the stalls have been full for a while now. But we keep on working on this Super Market, so it will be a great party. I will talk about it again very soon ..

Meanwhile, in order to discover who will be there, you can read here the first answers to some useful and mainly superficials questions ! Guess who open the ball?

Eye candy




I had a crush this morning when I discover Fukuda Kan‘s paintings, light and refreshing as a spring breeze. A real “Eye Candy” !
I know I will never be able to do as beautiful as her, and that I’ll never find the time either anyway, but they arouse my desire to paint. Perhaps, one day, I will take out my paint and brushes …


Via Sweet Sweet Life.

(Français) Papillonnage


If this drawing reminds you of my studio, it’s just normal. It was made by someone who knows it pretty well because she’s been working there for more than a year and a half. We call her “The butterfly”.

The butterfly is a little bit shy, a little bit unsecure though she has a very accurate eye, a nice naive stroke  and she writes very poetic words.
I must confess that it took me a little bit of persuasion to make the butterfly revealing herself…
Go and flip trhough her notebook, it’s just a couple of flutters away…

Dreams come true


Not so long ago I was writing about my wish to make fabrics, do you remember ? Well a short time after this post, I’ve had a very nice proposition from “C’est dimanche” which I couldn’t decline. It was about a four-hand work : to create an exclusive set, with both her sewing pattern and my fabric design.

We’ve agreed on a summer dress pattern for girls from 1 to 4 years old.

Many drawings were made but we ended up with just 4. With a lot of pink of course, because I asked Susie what she would wear.
But you… what do you think about it ? Which one would you pick?
If you want to have a closer look, click below.

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L’instant poétique


Only an english who is a little bit crazy could have this idea : planting flowers in road’s holes to highlight their bad condition…

Mister Pete Dungey, could you pass on the small road which leads to my studio? Please?


The title of this post was inspired by the name of a nice shop of Lyon where you could find a part of my collection…

Small ideas big impact


To decorate a house / our house doesn’t have to be complicated, or even expensive … It all begins with a couple of little things here and there, that will make you want to go further.

The magazine “Maison Creative asked me to follow this path on four pages of easy and quick ideas. Here are a few examples.


Boxes and lids left aside were covered with nice printed paper. Or how a match box became a little jewelry box.
In the kitchen baby milk boxes have a new use.


You will find more ideas in the january / february issue, now in the news kiosk.
Thanks to  Sandrine Debruyne and Karine Villame of Maison Creative.
Pictures taken by Claire Curt.