Rubrique : nice surprises

What a suprise!

Who could have guessed I’d be one day on Decor8 ?


Since the beginning I have this blog in my “blogs que je lis” list. You know it for sure. Like about 25000 people (yes that’s correct, you read the right amount!) I discover Holly Becker’s finds day after day and it’s a never ending inspiration. So I’m the proudest girl do be part of it today. It’s like being a kid and having your own drawing showed off to the whole class.
Thank you so much Holly!





I had never realized how french my interior could look, seen by foreigners (here you can see my past appartement and some pieces of my present studio). Holly has asked her readers about that topic and, as you will read, you will find out some quite amusing and unexpected answers!

So here is a “before&after” to celebrate this event and just for the treat (I love looking at other’s before&after !) :


Looking at these pictures makes me wonder why the hell did we ever move from this appartment just when it was all finished? Maybe just for the fun of starting again ?

Fifi’s choice

Believe me, it was almost as difficult as Sophie’s choice…
But now it’s time to announce the winners of the contest C’est pour qui?

At first, there is Anzil who enthused me by her weekly diary of polaroids. One for each day and all of them just so beautiful:



There is also Annsofi with her soft words like a security blanket, wraped in a lovely envelope:


And then there is Alessia who touched me by telling a lot about her. She is right, I always enjoy to know more about the persons who love my work:


At last, there is Mélanie who surprised me with a little construction for a cute studio where you can even find Susie:



Here it is. The winners will get the book as promised. So that the others won’t be disappointed, I will send them a little surprise as well.
It makes me feel sad to know that this little contest is over, it was really great… I hope you enjoyed it! At least, I did!
And for someone who likes surprises I was very spoiled. Thank you soooo much!



You impressed me!  I was just expecting little notes and look what I got! Every morning, I was excited to open my mailbox and discovering the daily mail.

Now, picking out 3 winners is too hard. Well, like the 3 musketeers, they will finally be 4 because it’s really impossible to make a choice…

Just give me a little more time and I will return tomorrow with results and photos. It’s a deal!

D Day


Brand-new and pretty nice, my book shows up today!

Available at well-assorted bookstores and right here:






Photos from the book : Claire Curt

Who wants it ?


My book will be available by May 14th. That means in only  3 days and even be sold right here…
I also have a little surprise for you: 3 books to win.

How to do? Just send a card or drop a line to the studio!
I will send one copy (signed if you insist!) to the 3 authors of the letters which surprised me the most.

So let’s go!
Results on May 25th…

Fifi Mandirac – 4, sentier Joseph Baum – 93200 Saint Denis –  FRANCE



Here it is, I just received the first copy of the small book that I made for Le Temps Apprivoisé publishers ! It is part of a collection entitled “Mes petits bonheurs”. Nice program, isn’t it ?

I talked a little bit about it there, but it had to remain a secret. Now I am allowed to speak about it and to show you the cover.
Such a projectIt is new for me, and I feel very lucky because Valérie Gendreau trusted me to do both the creations and the layout. I am also very happy that Claire Curt was the one who made the pictures. The result is as beautiful as the moment we spent together !

The official release is May 14th. Now I have a kind of stage fright… Hope you will enjoy it !

Enfin !


L’hiver est fini. Chaque année c’est pareil, j’attend cette date avec impatience. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, puisque je sais très bien que ce n’est qu’une date et que tout ne va pas changer du jour au lendemain.

C’est peut-être parce que je suis née avec le printemps, en tout cas pour moi, l’année commence là, en même temps que les promesses de beau temps…

Vive le printemps !