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Green dots look like little peas, right? So I thought that if I mix them up with some carrots and bacon, it would make a yummy design!


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I  would never have imagine such a success for my Advent Calendar!  Questions are overflowing from my mailbox. Since I’m lacking of time to answer each of them separatly, I’ll do it here.

– Fifi, I’ve missed yesterday’s pattern, can you send it to me by email please?
– Sincerely, I whish I could, but my days last only 24 hours. In which I have to manage my daily work, creating one pattern a day, getting ready for Christmas, taking care of my little girl, and so much more, so there is no time left…

– Fifi, why the patterns are downloadable for one and only day?
– Because it makes the gift only more valuable!

– Fifi, I can’t download today’s pattern, is it normal?
– Well no, it’s not. It’s a pdf file, and everybody should be able to have it. I don’t how every computer works, so I am not able to give you the reason of this problem. It seems some anti-virus prevent the donwload from working, but I don’t know more about that…

– Fifi, for those who don’t have a printer could you sell printed patterns?
– That’s a great idea! I could print them on a nice paper, it would be a nice set. I’ll take care of that as soon as 2009 is over, I promise!

– Fifi, what can I do with these patterns?
– Many things ! wrapping paper, enveloppes, origamis, paper hen, garlands. If you lack of inspiration, you will find help in the category “Surprise to do”. If I have some time I’ll add some more …

– Fifi, I have the right to do what with the designs?
– Whatever you want ! The only condition is that it stay for your private use. Of course commercial use in forbidden.

– Fifi, can I use those patterns for the banner or background of my blog?
– It’s a tricky one, because I’d like to say yes to each one who kindly asked me, but since it’s a question I often came across, I fear they might be seen too often. I will stick to the private use, and to the fact that a blog is a public place, and I answer no. I hope you will understand …

– Fifi, do you plan to do the same thing next year ?
– Oh la la ! It’s way too far! I don’t even know what I’ll be doing next week-end, so how can I answer this question?


Happy doll

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