Rubrique : nice surprises

Free pattern


It’s been quite a while since I posted a free pattern …It’s about time I made it up to you!

Icone Too late 2014

Free pattern


This is the pattern of the day, it’s all yours. Help yourself !

Icone Too late 2014

Free pattern


It’s March and I’m in the final stages of several projects, the atelier is buzzing, and my head as well. I noticed that this pattern hasn’t been presented as of yet, so today seemed like the perfect day to set things straight!

Icone Too late 2014


I’ve just realized that I hadn’t yet mentioned an exhibition that I really enjoyed: Happy Show. I’d heard a lot about it from different people but, in the end, it didn’t actually resemble any of the descriptions I’d been told of. So, I’m not going to give away any details about it, but I can say that this exhibition is rather aptly named. Take my word for it: go soon! (It ends next Sunday), you will not regret it!

Happy show L

Exhibition Happy show by Stefan Sagmeister at the Gaité lyrique– Until 9th March 2014 – 3 bis rue Papin 75003 Paris

With all my heart

Coeur Février 2014

I had nothing special planned for Valentine’s Day (I don’t know why, but this holiday doesn’t usually mean much to me)… But I was so touched by all your messages and emails since the “Les Journaliers” interview that I wanted to say Thank You with all of my heart. So, I improvised this card for all of you, in return for the kind words! Send it to your loved ones today, or anytime at all…

Another free pattern


Yes, I know, pattern after pattern…  Well, the name of this blog is “Les Surprises” after all. I made this one last night, and I thought it would be a pity to keep it to myself. This one is definitely open to a number of colour variations, so you just might see it again in the near future… Have a great week!

Icone Trop tard 2014

Free pattern


The first one this year!
It’s been ready for quite a while, but the time’s passed so quickly…
February is such a short month, and I still have much left to do…

Icone Too late 2014

Free pattern


Those past few days were totally crazy. I do not complain, I know it is for the best. But I must admit that I kind of neglected the blog lately…  I hope you will forgive me with this new pattern !

Icone Sorry Seule