One of a kind

A Mom who thinks that pandas are cute, who has asian origins and a baby born hairier than expected,  and here is a  birth announcement for brand new Léopold…


It all started eight years ago, with a desire to announce good news!
Since then I’ve always had a lot of fun creating custom-made announcements.
Still, it is not always easy to create one that will fit unknown people.
But that’s where all the fun is! Because I have to ask lot of questions, because I get many answers, because we get to discuss about many issues, and at the end it also occured that we became friends!


For this one it was much easier, I knew the client well because it was… my mom!

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  1. Posté le 20 Apr 2009 à 10:12

    Trop trop mignon le ptit panda chinois !!!

  2. Posté le 21 Apr 2009 à 10:48

    Comme il est mignon!!

  3. Posté le 21 Apr 2009 à 10:50

    Those are really lovely cards! Altho i dont understand but i love the cards! 🙂 Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  4. Par delphine
    Posté le 21 Apr 2009 à 01:22

    A croquer comme d’hab…

  5. Par Lor
    Posté le 21 Apr 2009 à 03:58

    Moi j’adore ! Et bien sûr c’est Fifi qui a fait le faire-part de ma Violette, cet été (motif Confetti en vente sur le site !).

  6. Par Lily
    Posté le 21 Apr 2009 à 09:49

    il y a vraiment ressemble avec “maman” 🙂

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