It’s me, once again…


…sketched by Mai-Lan.

We have met only by mail, nevertheless I recognized me all the way to the cup of tea. It’s because this girl has an expert eye for portraits. Better have a look at her blog which made me laugh more than once !


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  1. Par lau
    Posté le 03 Apr 2009 à 11:28

    Génial!!! Sauf que la Fifi du dessin elle a l’air plus grande que la Fifi-en-vrai! Mais elles sont aussi jolies l’une que l’autre 😉

  2. Posté le 06 Apr 2009 à 10:06

    Hiee fifi! Your blog is soo interesting! Im loving it altho i don’t understand the language i love it all the same! It’s really nice to meet you at Holly’s blog course and i hope we will enjoy our joyful adventure together! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  3. Par lilou
    Posté le 06 Apr 2009 à 04:23

    excellent blog en effet!

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