Flower fans


I can’t get enough flowers! Those ones are also fans! When we first had this idea, we thought they would be useful during the hot summer. But it still not there! I can hardly believe we are at the end of June… So let’s pretend they will   blow the clouds away!


Justine who ends her internship with us tomorrow, did a tuto . You will have something to do during rainy days, while waiting for true summer…


Thank you Justine !

IconeEventailRoseIconeEventailCeladonIconeEventailRougeIconeEventailVioletIcone permanent Download 2013 Seule

It’s beautiful

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(Français) Sur un plateau

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(Français) Taille M

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Happy mess

Coussins Lit

I am often asked where does my inspiration come from?
This morning as I was tidying up my home, I was looking at the many pillows and cushions we have, and I thought that it was in that kind of small details that inspiration comes from, when the mess randomly arrange colours, forms and pattern…

Coussins Salon

Coussins Charlie

What about you ? In which details do you find your inspiration ?

Tulipes cushion (first picture) is on sale here. The fox comes from Sara Carr.

My online shop

Articles Shop Fifi

My new online shop has been online since last Monday, but as you might have experienced if you tried to reach the blog this past few days, it had totally disappeared! As eager I was to announce my new online shop, I couldn’t, how frustrating!
We’re working on this for months and you’ll see, this is a big change for me, and I hope it will be for you too.
I liked my former website, but Flash is almost over, it was not available on touchscreen tablets, and most of all, I was in a mood for change as I told you (remember?).

Boutique en ligne Fifi Mandirac

There is many products I did not have time to mention here, and since this shop is much easier to update, I really want to work more to show you more.

I hope you will enjoy
But, please, feel free to tell me what you think about it!

It’s beautiful

Felice Varini

Felice Varini did this unique masterpiece for “Dynamo” exhibition on Grand Palais‘ terrace. To be seen until 22nd of July 2013.

Felice Varini 2

Felice Varini 3

Photos via This is colossal.