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(Français) Mes cahiers

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(Français) Le petit Chaperon rouge

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Wet paint!


It’s been almost 4 years since I have this blog. Perfect timing for a makeover, right?
I liked the way it was before, but it was not fitting me anymore. Althought it feels a bit weird to wear this new outfit, I have to get use to it (you too I guess…) and soon it will be like it was mine forever… until the next urge to change!



I just discovered Instagram! With this iPhone app (yes, it is only for iPhone, I know, too bad…) you can take pictures, apply effects (or not) and share with other  “Instagramers” who can “like”, comment and subscribe to your pictures…


I know, just another social network. But this one is different. I like it because it is visual. Not like  Twitter (sorry, my 299 “followers” : 25 twitts in 2 years and a half, I know, it sucks….


Since 10 days that I have Instagram, I guess I have an addiction. I can’t wait to see my friends pictures, and I discover my friends’ friends pictures… And just like them I write a story without words.


I always do mental snaps when I want to catch a moment or a vision. Don’t you do that? Instagram is a a little bit like that.

If you don’t have an iPhone, you can see the instagrams on Copygram. Mines are here.

Let’s party!


It’s been a year since the party we had for Charlie . And I never showed the pictures here. When flipping my album,they make me want to party again. So I thought that you could enjoy them…









I ordered the cake from Bogato (which means “beautiful cake”!). It has the same character on it that was on Charlie birth announcement.
Everything else is homemade…

More details here.

Pictures Claire Curt.

(Français) Les Cabannes

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