More clues…

… to help guess what Olivia Toja and Fifi have done !


First clues

Have you guessed what Olivia Toja and Fifi did ?


More clues are coming very soon…



Some clues are coming soon… and the answer will be released on thursday!

Mood board

This month, I went back to school again : during 4 weeks I attended Holly Becker e-courses. Many things to learn, and also homework ! Today, we had to make a mood board  that translates in some small way our blog inspiration.
This is mine :


I had so much fun doing it, that it might become a column. Would you like it ?







I had so much fun this summer playing with this. I can’t help myself to play more!
Here are some snaps I took next week-end when setting up Charlie’s little party…

Thank you…


Tamara lives in Holland, I live in France. She is a nanny. We don’t speak the same language.

Actually, Tamara and I don’t even know each other.

But I would like to say thank you !

Thank you, because last week, I was feeling a little bit sad, leaving my baby Charlie for his first whole day with his nanny, when I found a pretty enveloppe on my desk.

Surprise inside! There was a necklace with pearls like candies. And also a little note saying how much she loves my blog and my work. Saying thank you just for the pleasure of it. I was moved.

At this exact instant, I knew that I was happy with getting back to work…

So, Tamara, this is now my turn to say thank you, with all my heart!



Surprise! Today, a little kitten knocked at our door. He seems to have just the same age as Charlie. And just like him, he’s so sweet and cute, that it’s hard not to have a crush.
Le papillon couldn’t resist!

And now, she has to find his name… Any ideas ?