They are still at prototype stage, but as I just received them, I can’t resist to show you what will be my next novelty, hoping you will like it.


They are scarfs that you will tie wherever you want. Just like the bandanas we had when we were teenagers…






Under the Provence sun, life goes at a slow pace.
So does this blog…

In the wind


It has no other use but to be pretty, which is already a lot!
And it gives a summer happy flavor to the garden…


If you forgot how to make those little windmills, please follow the guide

It’s yours !


It is one of those little japanese books that you love so much. This one is about sketchbooks from Parisian girls. I am one of those…


I was given 2 of those books and I kept one for you as a gift. But watch out, there is one condition : I would like to know your idea about what my next creation should be. More cards? Notebooks? Crockery? Records?? Cars??? Please be crazy, tell me everything !

When I’m back from my holidays, I will randomly select a comment and the winner will receive this book.

The bottom picture is from the book.

Marouschka’s family

Affiche Marouschkas

Marouschka’s family keeps growing up. Today, there are 8 new ones!
And because you asked for it, there are now also some Marouschko.

All will be on cards in September, but they are already gathered on a poster.

Format 32 x 45 cm. Papier 250 g. Frais de port inclus.



Friday, I will close the studio for one month…

For me, it means holidays are coming, but for you, it could mean you have just a few days left to order something !

Kisses from Paris


In Paris during the summer, there is more tourists than Parisians, so even if you are not (yet) in holidays, you feel like you are.


You enjoy the sun at a table outside a café, you stay there to have diner, you take a few rides at the Tuileries fair, and you can also send postcards to friends who are away!