This morning, in my mailbox I found  one issue of Lee . It’s a Japanese magazine which did a photo shoot at my home in the end of winter.


I always smile when I see my home on pictures, but in a Japanese magazine on a subject about Parisian interiors in Scandinavian style, it’s really funny, don’t you think?

Who wants it ?


My book will be available by May 14th. That means in only  3 days and even be sold right here…
I also have a little surprise for you: 3 books to win.

How to do? Just send a card or drop a line to the studio!
I will send one copy (signed if you insist!) to the 3 authors of the letters which surprised me the most.

So let’s go!
Results on May 25th…

Fifi Mandirac – 4, sentier Joseph Baum – 93200 Saint Denis –  FRANCE

You’ve got mail !


Sadly, in the age of mail and text message, we lost a little bit interest in sending letters.  But it’s always a pleasure to receive some, isn’t it?


No more lame excuses like “How silly, I need envelopes…” or “Too bad, but I don’t have any card!” Because Kristina has the answer: with a simple sheet of A4 paper, she makes an envelope/letter. It’s her new origami lesson right here.

So let’s write, OK?



Today it’s Coloring Day! A happy coincidence that it’s Wednesday.

The trademark Staedler is the initiator of this simple idea: children help other children by offering their drawings for the benefit of Save the Children.
If you want to know more about it, click here.

On this occasion I remind you of the Kid’s drawing group set up by my friend.
You won’t get tired of  these refreshing, courageous and unique drawings.

I feel sad having lost all my drawings at a flood. Here’s the only one that remains from my childhood:


Scary, isn’t it?

Top : drawing by Susie, 2 years old.




Finally I didn’t spent a lazy day…
I painted the wall of the garden. All in red.
I am so happy with the result that I don’t resist the urge to show it to you!

In May, do whatever you want


This is a gift certificate for a lazy day…

In France, we are lucky to have a lot of bank holidays in May!



Here it is, I just received the first copy of the small book that I made for Le Temps Apprivoisé publishers ! It is part of a collection entitled “Mes petits bonheurs”. Nice program, isn’t it ?

I talked a little bit about it there, but it had to remain a secret. Now I am allowed to speak about it and to show you the cover.
Such a projectIt is new for me, and I feel very lucky because Valérie Gendreau trusted me to do both the creations and the layout. I am also very happy that Claire Curt was the one who made the pictures. The result is as beautiful as the moment we spent together !

The official release is May 14th. Now I have a kind of stage fright… Hope you will enjoy it !