It’s me, once again…


…sketched by Mai-Lan.

We have met only by mail, nevertheless I recognized me all the way to the cup of tea. It’s because this girl has an expert eye for portraits. Better have a look at her blog which made me laugh more than once !


Fish or woman?


Because it’s April Fool’s Day, and to keep away from fish*, here’s a picture I think it’s funny! It’s from Saul Steinberg.

*In France, on this day little paper fish are unremarkably sticked on people’s back.

Tweet tweet


I bought these little figurines, vintage and kitschy just like I love it, from a pastry chef who gave up his business. They were so cute that I bought the whole stock.


Though, because Easter is soon, I share a little bit with you!

Set of 4 figurines. Shipping fee included.

All year long


Just for the little story behind, these 12 patterned cards (one for each month of the year!) should have been my greeting cards, but as I arranged things badly, they arrived a lot too late. I could have kept them for the following year and for once I would have been on time! But I like them too much to let them sleep until then.

Especially because they are very small, they are very useful for sending short notice the whole year round…

Set of 12 small cards with assorted patterns (size 11 x 7,5 cm).
Shipping fee included.

Happy rain!


Don’t you love this Mademoiselles Umbrellas?

It’s me!


Because it makes me laugh, my friend Laetitia shoot me Sleeveface like!

Enfin !


L’hiver est fini. Chaque année c’est pareil, j’attend cette date avec impatience. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, puisque je sais très bien que ce n’est qu’une date et que tout ne va pas changer du jour au lendemain.

C’est peut-être parce que je suis née avec le printemps, en tout cas pour moi, l’année commence là, en même temps que les promesses de beau temps…

Vive le printemps !