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Do you

There are 3 new posters added to the “Messages” series.
The first one appeared 5 years ago and the collection is growing. With each one I create the style evolves using my personal influence…

Boys don't cry
On dirait le Sud


(Français) Vous avez 4 nouveaux messages

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Good morning beautiful

Good morning beautiful

Nouvelle affiche en ligne
Bonne semaine !

On se retrouve à partir de mercredi sur le salon Créations & Savoir-faire ?




I’m the kind of girl whose mood is directly dependent on sunlight … 
 So I went to get a little sun, down south, and here’s the poster that I brought back.
When summer finally arrives, I plan on making the most of it. Enjoy!

Enjoy L

 This is the first time I’ve made a poster as a sequel to the previous one. I like this duo …


New poster

Girls Fun

Not a bad plan for the upcoming summer, don’t you think?




As I’ve been working quite a lot for others lately, I almost forget to take time for my own projects… Everyone asks me to do “Fifi-style” designs, so I wanted to try something else. Yesterday, I made something completely abstract, the kind of thing that people don’t generally ask me for. This poster is the first outing in a new direction, a more purely graphic aesthetic that I’d like to explore …What do you think?


Carte Vallotton

On a totally different note (though I’m sure that the harmony of the green, black and red colours on the poster above have some sort of connection to this…) I decided to adopt one of my good resolutions: Monday I left the atelier and went to see the Félix Vallotton exhibition at the Grand Palais. I had a few faint memories of his work, dating back to my Art History classes, which is why the visual impact was even more astounding. Don’t hesitate! There’s nothing better than experiencing paintings up-close and direct (not only Vallotton’s work, for that matter)…

(Français) Tout se passe bien

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