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I just discovered Instagram! With this iPhone app (yes, it is only for iPhone, I know, too bad…) you can take pictures, apply effects (or not) and share with other  “Instagramers” who can “like”, comment and subscribe to your pictures…


I know, just another social network. But this one is different. I like it because it is visual. Not like  Twitter (sorry, my 299 “followers” : 25 twitts in 2 years and a half, I know, it sucks….


Since 10 days that I have Instagram, I guess I have an addiction. I can’t wait to see my friends pictures, and I discover my friends’ friends pictures… And just like them I write a story without words.


I always do mental snaps when I want to catch a moment or a vision. Don’t you do that? Instagram is a a little bit like that.

If you don’t have an iPhone, you can see the instagrams on Copygram. Mines are here.