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Le papier crépon m’évoquait les guirlandes fabriquées à l’école quand j’étais petite… Aujourd’hui, il m’évoque toujours la fête !

Les instructions sont ici aujourd’hui seulement, demain il sera trop tard parce qu’il y aura une nouvelle case à ouvrir :

Icone Trop tard 2018

Cette création est une des 100 créations de mon livre La Bible du Papier, édité chez Hachette (336 pages, photos de Sebanado.)

Si vous voulez l’acheter, allez en librairie de préférence !
Sinon vous pouvez aussi le trouver ici grâce au lien affilié ci-dessous, et le vilain Amazon sera bien obligé de m’en reverser une (toute petite) partie.



It’s beautiful

Floating vase

This is the ultimate vase: that which can’t be seen, magic …

Floating vase 2

Vase Ripple by Oodesign.

Flower fans


I can’t get enough flowers! Those ones are also fans! When we first had this idea, we thought they would be useful during the hot summer. But it still not there! I can hardly believe we are at the end of June… So let’s pretend they will   blow the clouds away!


Justine who ends her internship with us tomorrow, did a tuto . You will have something to do during rainy days, while waiting for true summer…


Thank you Justine !

IconeEventailRoseIconeEventailCeladonIconeEventailRougeIconeEventailVioletIcone permanent Download 2013 Seule

(Français) Les fleurs du marché

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

L’instant poétique


Only an english who is a little bit crazy could have this idea : planting flowers in road’s holes to highlight their bad condition…

Mister Pete Dungey, could you pass on the small road which leads to my studio? Please?


The title of this post was inspired by the name of a nice shop of Lyon where you could find a part of my collection…



It’s been a while since the last “craft work”! So here is a new one to get back to practice.


Starting with only paper circles, you will create 3 different types of corolla-shaped flower! Here is the secret.
Use your imagination to create different flowers by assembly them. Then you only have to figure out where to put them. On your hat, in your hair, or on your “decolletage”?


Many thanks to my two interns : Maud for making the flowers and Véronique who let me shoot her for her last day of work !

Flower power


There’s another little contest right here at ID Créatives which is under my patronage because it’s about… flowers, of course!


While we’re at flowers, I recently got hold of these two fabrics I found on an American thrift store. They smell like summer, don’t you think so?