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(Français) C’est parti !

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

(Français) Rhabillées pour l’hiver !


Winter is here for good. Even Marouschkas have wrapped up warm.

A surprise will come with little Marouschkas so the family keeps growing up. I will say more about that… next year!

Back to school


It’s D day ! Moms have bought new schoolbags, children have prepared their pencils and copybooks, and I have made colorful labels to stick on books:


6 self adhesive labels – Size 85 x 60 mm. Shipping fee included.

To cheer up those who’d rather be still in vacation, here is something to get ready for the next breaks …

Marouschka’s family

Affiche Marouschkas

Marouschka’s family keeps growing up. Today, there are 8 new ones!
And because you asked for it, there are now also some Marouschko.

All will be on cards in September, but they are already gathered on a poster.

Format 32 x 45 cm. Papier 250 g. Frais de port inclus.

It’s me!


Because it makes me laugh, my friend Laetitia shoot me Sleeveface like!

Nouvelles têtes


La famille des Marouschkas s’agrandit ! Je vous présente les petites dernières venues du bout du monde.

Marouschka’s family is growing ! I introduce you to the last ones from the other side of the world.