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D day !!!


Thank you for being here everyday for the Advent Calendar !
Today is the last day …
But I can’t finish without one last surprise that will probably comfort those who couldn’t be there everyday.


I have gathered all the patterns on 4 pages in an ideal size for making a long guarland. It’s a piece of cake to make but since it’s Christmas, here is a tutorial.

I wish you happy, joyful and colorful holidays!!!! !





It’s been a while since the last “craft work”! So here is a new one to get back to practice.


Starting with only paper circles, you will create 3 different types of corolla-shaped flower! Here is the secret.
Use your imagination to create different flowers by assembly them. Then you only have to figure out where to put them. On your hat, in your hair, or on your “decolletage”?


Many thanks to my two interns : Maud for making the flowers and Véronique who let me shoot her for her last day of work !

Petite cuisine


Weather is getting colder, so even shelves dress up !
I have decorated the shelves in the studio’s kitchen with those “garden kitchen style” new origami papers.


It is very easy to make, but, still,  here is some explanations here.


18 sheets. Size 12 x 12 cm. Shipping fee included.


“Beau” tie


It’s a great classic, but I am still crazy about what a little “bow tie” can do to the simple outfit. However, I don’t want to be too dressy. So my little bow ties are made of paper.


I wear them on a necklace and on my shoes…
What will you do with them ?

Paper beads



With some nice paper, some glue, a little patience and explanations here, you will be the prettiest at National Day bal with this “less expensive-necklace-of-the-world”!


Made with Tulipes, Juliette and Kristina origami paper.

Happy paper…


Origami paper piles up in my drawers because I don’t know much about folding. I buy them only because I think it’s pretty…

Kristina, an intern with the studio, is not like me. She knows about origami, and she is capable of doing amazing things with only folded paper! No glue, no staples. Nothing! Like those little cubes made with only 6 pieces of square paper. That’s all she needs…


Now, I leave you with Kristina, she will teach you how to do it…
Have fun!