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(Français) Portes ouvertes

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Titlee‘s jewelery, textiles by Atelier Brunette and paper designs by Fifi Mandirac will be sharing a space for two days, at exceptionally reasonable prices… Save the date!

Come, it’s gonna be super groovy!



We first talked about it  a year ago, we’ve been working on it  for over 8 months, and now it’s time : tomorrow it’s the big day, the Super Market opens its doors!

Seeing how much energy, fun and pleasure we had to organize it, it can only be fantastic. So I am telling you one thing : come, it’ll be great !! You have my word! Trust me!

Ca se passe en ce moment…

Un petit aperçu de ma boutique éphémère qui sera démontée demain soir :


Mais ce morceau de mur improvisé me plait tant qu’il se pourrait bien qu’il renaisse sur les murs de mon atelier…